Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Before going to know about teeth whitening let’s know about some facts.

The superficial layer (Enamel) is semi transparent , through which the inner layer (Dentin) reflects as tooth colour.

Depending on the ( region) country,and races (genetic) the colour varies from bright white to yellow and grey shades.

The purpose of any procedure performed is to bring back the original colour.

Now let’s understand how and why discoloration (stains) happen.

Internal Teeth Stains

Developed from inside layers during tooth formation due to developmental disorders like Fluorosis and certain drugs like tetracycline use in the tooth development stage which are difficult to remove.

External Teeth Stains

Formed from out side due to constant teeth exposure to external staining sources.

Teeth Whitening Procedures

SCALING  Removing calculus (Tartar) and thick stained layer cleaning from the tooth surface with ultrasonic vibrating tip.

TOOTH POLISHING using polishing paste on a rubber or silicone cup attached to a rotary handpiece dentist polishes the teeth.

Teeth Bleaching Methods

After putting a barrier in between the Gums and teeth, the Bleaching gel is applied over the teeth surface and left to interact with stains for the stipulated time, then bleach gel is washed away, the procedure may be repeated depending on the requirement.

Laser activated gels with same procedure requires laser light to be activated 

Some Patients may experience sensitivity at this transition time

Ozone Teeth Whitening / Chemical-Free Teeth Whitening

Ozone is natural high antioxidant which interacts with even deep stains and remove them effectively

Advantages Of Ozone Teeth Whitening

It doesn’t require any special isolation barrier between teeth and gums since it is used in treating gum disease. 

The biggest advantage is it doesn’t cause any sensitivity, by itself, it is a desensitising agent and promotes remineralization.

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