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A dental clinic is a place where people go to get their teeth checked, fixed and maintained. A dental clinic is staffed by dentists, dental hygienists and assistants who work together to provide excellent dental care.

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Dr. D. Rajashekar

BDS РDimploma in Laser Dentistry  CE Endodontics РCanada, with 27 years exp.

Dr. D. Rajasekhar worked UAE – dubai and other places and has about 27+ Yrs of experience in his respective field and his Regd No : A – 2171. He regularly updates his knowledge and is exposed to the latest technological know how in the field of dentistry. Dr. D. Rajasekhar is a premier in this field, along with a specialized skilled and well trained doctors in different departments.

Our motto is to reach to every individual and every needy person at an affordable cost. We take the utmost care to follow the basic ethics and deliver high standard dentistry. Only one of its kind equipped with state of art technology DENTAL MICROSCOPE, RVG (owandy france) AMERICAN DENTAL LASERS, (Fifth generation) APEX LOCATER, RUBBERDAM.etc to deliver the best.

Best dentist in Hyderabad

Dr. Sanjana


Dr. Raghavendra

MDS., Orthodontics

(For Irregular Teeth Correction)

Dr. R.Rajan


Oral Maxillo Facial Surgeon

Dr. Srikanth



Dr. Rakesh

MDS., Orthodontics

Endodontics. (Root Canal Specialist)

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