Fillings And Sealants

When And Why Fillings Are Required?

Fillings are materials that are used to replace the lost tooth surface due to the following reasons

Dental decay left out food on the tooth surface for a longer time leading to the accumulation of microorganisms that releases an acidic substance which causes demineralisation on the tooth surface leading to a cavity. 

The depth of the cavity determines the treatment pattern. 

Fillings can be done only when the cavity doesn’t involve the middle portion of the tooth which has blood and nerve supply.

Good clinical evaluation and thorough X-ray examination will be helpful in determining the depth of the cavity.

Different Types Of Materials Used

Fillings Before

Fillings After


Depending upon the area of involvement the shape of the cavity is prepared, In case of decay, the involved surface should be thoroughly removed and cleaned.

The microscope is very helpful in seeing the field in higher magnification and operating with accuracy. 

Irrigating the cavity with ozone water and gas kills the remnant bacteria and helps in preventing secondary caries.

These advanced methods contribute to a higher success rate.

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