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Biological Dentistry: For Better Tomorrow

Biological Dentistry is a revolutionary method of dentistry that takes into consideration the wellness of the entire body and not just the teeth and gums.

The treatments and procedures done as biological dentistry treatment are all aimed to treat the oral infection or diseases in the most natural way possible, without harming or causing any other biological imbalance in the body of the patient.

In biological dentistry treatment,  mostly organic and non-toxic materials are used which do not harm the patients in any way.

Biological dentistry is a special treatment which is performed by special dentists called – ‘Biological Dentists’

Biological dentistry in India is slowly gaining ground and becoming popular among the smart people because of its futuristic idea of a chemical free dentistry treatment and high efficiency.

Biological Dentist In Hyderabad

Till now there was no dentist to perform biological dentistry in Hyderabad, but now Dr. Rajasekhar who is India’s first official biological dentist has laid the foundation of biological dentistry at Hyderabad Laser Dentistry to perform Biological dentistry treatments with expertise. He is the first biological dentist in Hyderabad

Who Is Best Biological Dentist In India?

A biological dentist understands the oral health of a person by examining the effect of other body mechanisms like, sleep patterns, diet and stress etc, on oral health and vice versa, so that they can provide the best course of treatment accordingly and more accurately.

Biological dentists believe that infection or disease in the mouth definitely does affect the overall health of the body. And that is why, biological dentists perform special dentistry treatments after thoroughly analysing the biology of their patients to treat the oral problems naturally. 

Through thorough health examinations, biological dentists are able to detect possible threats to oral health, the safest course of treatment, and workable alternatives to prevent oral health problems from ever happening.

In addition to doing the majority of procedures a traditional dentist conducts, a biological dentist may help their patients with stress management, dietary changes, sleep issues, and inflammation in the mouth and body.

The majority of biological dentists support minimally invasive dentistry, work to educate their patients, and only ever use materials that are safe and biocompatible.

Many people have received training in advanced mercury removal techniques and ceramic dental implants.

How Is A Biological Dentist Different From A Conventional Dentist?

A biological dentist is just like all other dentists, they also study dentistry and complete their BDS degree, like conventional dentists.

They are well trained to perform all types of traditional dental services like, cavity filling, bi-annual cleaning and treatment of gum diseases or oral infection. 

The major difference between a biological dentist and a conventional dentist is their approach to the treatment and methods.

A conventional dentist identifies the symptoms and treats just the aftereffect of it, on the other hand he identifies the root cause of the problem and then treats the root cause so that the symptom also gets treated naturally. For example, if a patient wants to get a root canal treatment done then a conventional dentist will directly drill a hole, see the cavity, clean & disinfect it and then finally fill the cavity with fillers and put a cap on it. 

On the other hand a biological dentist will first ask the patient about their diet, time of eating meals, alcohol consumption, hormonal imbalances, workout regimes, sleep patterns along with all other factors that may aid in prevention and fast recovery both together. Another important difference between a conventional dentist and a biological dentist is that biological dentists always use biocompatible materials which are natural and organic, for the treatment of even serious oral infection or mouth diseases.

The biggest advantage of using biocompatible materials is that they are non-toxic and do not have any side effects to the human body.

While, conventional dentists mostly use inorganic chemical materials like toxic mercury and fluoride etc, that causes a negative impact on the health of the person. 

To sum it up, we can say that traditional or conventional dentists have a mindset that “We treat what we see”, while biological dentists dig deep to know the medical history of their patient so that they can personalise the approach and provide the best treatment.

Examine the whole body and inquire about the details to understand the mechanism of the body and then perform the required dentistry treatment using natural and biocompatible materials.

Why Choose Biological Dentistry Over Traditional Dentistry Procedures?

Our body is a network of organs linked by nerves, blood, arteries and veins. Everything inside the body is connected to each other in some or the other manner.

Just like the cause of vomiting sensation is because of reverse peristalsis in the stomach, similarly the cause of oral infection or gum disease may be because of multiple internal factors like disturbed sleep schedule, lack of vitamin C in body, improper diet and digestion of food. 

This is not just a theory or assumption but a well-proven fact and biological dentists treat their patients while keeping this fact in their mind.

They believe that there is an internal connection between the mouth and the body of a person, and that is why the impact on their overall health shows up in their oral health and vice-versa.

To deal with this, biological dentists apply a holistic approach of dentistry to treat their patients, in which they perform a complete body check-up, take note of the medical history of the patient, and try to use all natural materials for the treatment.

Here are the other reasons why to choose biological dentistry over traditional dentistry procedure, read carefully to decide and choose better:

We are sure that by now you know that biological dentistry treatments are far better than the usual dentistry treatments in many ways.

Now let us guide you through the actual biological dentistry treatment and tell you more on it.

What Happens In Biological Dentistry?

As already told, biological dentistry is a holistic approach to treat oral infection and diseases.

It starts with biocompatible testing and  processes mostly through natural treatment to give relief to patients.

But what does biocompatible testing mean?

Biocompatibility testing

Biocompatibility testing is the method of finding the suitable factors or procedures that can be used to treat the patient more effectively and naturally.

It involves identifying the special needs of the patient depending on their biological factors and establishing a safe relation between the body and the medical treatment.

Biocompatibility testing is dependent on the following factors:

Through biocompatible testing, the biological dentist makes a selection of treatment procedures, materials to use during treatment and medicines for a quicker recovery.

Each patient may have different physical conditions and body metabolism, and biocompatibility testing helps to provide a scope of offering a personalised dentistry treatment exactly according to the patient’s needs.  

Biocompatible Dental Treatments VS Traditional Dental Treatments

In biocompatible dental treatment, the dentist usually refrain from directly drilling or performing operation on the tooth, they use alternative methods that are natural and are intended to protect the tooth as much as possible.

Many biological dentists do not use fluoride and avoid performing root canal treatments.

As root canal treatments is an open procedure which may introduce bacterias and other harmful microorganisms to the circulation system of the body, moreover, the sterilising chemical applied during the treatment has high chances of having long-term negative effects on the health of the patient.

During traditional dental treatments, most often dentists use mercurial fillings or dental crowns.

However, a biological dentist always gives first preference to composite resin fillings as they are secure and organic replacement for amalgam filling.

The practice of removing amalgam fillings has grown in popularity in the field of biological dentistry and the people who already have amalgam filling are now undergoing biological dental treatment to get their mercurial filling removed.

These days, the health repercussions of traditional dental treatments have been made widely known to all.

People are becoming more and more concerned about their oral hygiene and dental health. Now that the damage has been done, people are looking for assistance from biological dentists.

Cost Of Biological Dentistry In India

The cost of biological dentistry procedures is a little on the higher end when compared to the average cost of dentistry treatments, but it is due to the fact that biological dentistry is not like any other dentistry treatment

It is a whole package of full body check-ups and a customised approaches by using cutting-edge tools and safer materials to perform the least invasive treatments with effective results.

When considering all the factors and facilities, you will find that the cost of biological dentistry treatment is true value for money. And, Hyderabad Laser Dentistry is your one stop solution to get your teeth and gums treated through biological dentistry in Hyderabad.

Here you will get a team of well qualified dentists who have years of experience in performing traditional as well as biological dentistry treatment in Hyderabad.

Expect The Unexpected Treatment

By now, biological dentistry might not be a completely new term for you but the treatment experience will definitely be, therefore we are preparing you in advance to expect the unexpected treatment procedure on your next biological dentistry appointment.

Here are a few highlights of biological dentistry:

The biological treatment procedure is completely different from the traditional treatment procedures in many ways, in order to understand that, you should see your dentist.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to visit a biological dentist.

Our Patients Feedback

We came from California to get the teeth bridges, extremely satisfied. Amazing biological dentistry by Dr. D Rajasekhar. He is the best biological dentist in India. Thanks to him and his team.

Vishwas Reddy

Dr.Rajasekhar is a well experienced, skilled and first biological dentist in India. Good hospitality and nice staff. Worth visiting for those that care about their oral health.

Deva A

I highly recommend Hyderabad Laser Dentistry for anyone seeking dental treatments with biological dentistry. Dr and their team provide exceptional care, ensuring both excellent results and patient satisfaction. I couldn't be happier with my new zirconium cap and the overall experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biological Dentistry?

Biological Dentistry, also known as holistic or natural dentistry, is a branch of dentistry that emphasizes the connection between oral health and overall health. It takes a whole-body approach to dental care and focuses on using natural, non-toxic materials and techniques to treat dental problems.

What is the difference between Biological Dentistry and traditional dentistry?

The main difference between Biological Dentistry and traditional dentistry is their approach to treating dental problems. Traditional dentistry focuses on treating the symptoms of a dental problem, while Biological Dentistry looks for the root cause of the problem and seeks to address it using natural, non-toxic materials and techniques.

What materials are used in Biological Dentistry?

Biological Dentistry typically uses non-toxic, biocompatible materials such as ceramic, zirconia, and composite resins. It avoids the use of mercury-based dental amalgams, which have been linked to health problems.

What treatments are offered in Biological Dentistry?

Biological Dentistry offers a wide range of treatments, including routine dental cleanings, fillings, crowns, bridges, and implants. It also offers specialized treatments such as ozone therapy, laser therapy, and non-surgical periodontal therapy.

How does biological dentistry approach preventative care, such as cleanings and checkups?

Like traditional dentistry, biological dentistry emphasizes preventative care, such as regular cleanings and checkups. However, biological dentists may use different methods, such as ozone therapy or oil pulling, to maintain oral health.

Is Biological Dentistry safe?

Biological Dentistry is generally considered safe when performed by a qualified and experienced dentist.

Who is the best biological Dentist in India?

Dr. D Rajasekhar is the first Biological dentist in India. Hyderabad Laser Dentistry is the perfect place for Biological Dentistry in India.

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